American City & County: Poll- Internet of Things affect public safety

Applying machine learning techniques to data collected from system sensors

May 24, 2016

American City & County’s Internet of Things (IoT) poll shows the following government sectors will be affected the most by IoT in the next five years:

Public Safety
Traffic/Parking Management
Public Transportation

The three sectors have each received at least 49 percent of the respondents’ total votes. The poll, which is still open, asks respondents to choose from a list of nine sectors; there is no limit on the number of sectors that respondents can select.

In local government, IoT will affect pretty much every function that requires employee mobility outside the office, says Wolf Ruzicka, chairman of the board at EastBanc Technologies. Tracking of assets (like fleet management, package-tracking, etc.) is an area that’s ripe for IoT development, he says. Employee tracking, says Ruzicka, is also suited for IoT applications. Employee tracking can include police enforcement, parking management and any kind of street supervising functions, adds Ruzicka.

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