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DevOps environment is emerging

December 07, 2016

DevOps has many benefits – continuous service delivery, fewer errors, faster problem resolution, and fast deployment times. In fact, according to Puppet's 2016 State of DevOps Report, DevOps-based IT organizations deploy 200 times more frequently and with lead times that are 2,555 times faster than those who don't.

But DevOps still challenges IT organizations particularly when applied to complex, heterogeneous legacy IT. Those systems must be monitored, secured, scaled, load balanced, and configured – a task that can quickly unravel the promise of DevOps. That's because we tend to carry over many of the manual and time-consuming infrastructure management tasks that existed pre-DevOps into the new world order.

And, while the technology marketplace for infrastructure management in a DevOps environment is emerging, we're not confident that any of these solutions, alone, represent the Holy Grail.

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