Infrastructure Management in the Age of DevOps

How do organizations address their DevOps infrastructure management challenges?

November 18, 2016

DevOps has emerged as the de facto cure-all for all that’s wrong with enterprise IT, breaking down silos and replacing them with agile and transparent relationships between developers and operations and seamless, fast workflows that drive greater efficiencies across IT. But legacy IT systems still need tending, even in a DevOps world. They must be secured and scaled, load-balanced, configured, backed up and monitored for compliance, without interruption to the enterprise—all considered infrastructure management tasks.

And that’s a problem, because these tasks often are handled manually using pre-DevOps processes, which breaks down the very promise of agility, speed and rapid service delivery that DevOps delivers.

Oleg Chunikhin, chief architect with EastBanc Technologies, emphatically agrees. “If an organization goes down the DevOps path, invariably old habits get carried over into the new world over. For example, if there’s a glitch with release management or a broken disaster recovery process, these problems are dealt with as they occur, or not at all, until they reach a point of critical mass.”

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