Monetizing The IoT – New Approaches: EastBanc Technologies

A cloud-based solution, via Azure

June 27, 2016

Eric Hoffman, who is VP of Solutions and Services, describes EastBanc as “a custom software shop that builds partnership portfolios.” One of their areas of focus is helping capitalize on the IoT. They have deep skills in identity access management, mobile and cloud – with about 90 of their employees working closely with Azure and another 90 with Amazon.

IoT and Vehicle Management

Among the examples Hoffman has presented, are a number in the transportation field. A taxi company in the DC area is using EastBanc’s TRANSITiQ app to track its cabs. TRANSITiQ is also in use at the DC Department of Transportation where it provides real-time tracking of DC’s Circulator buses.

The app can track each bus’s location via signals that are transmitted every three seconds from an onboard smartphone. The software provides system managers with a dashboard that reports key metrics, such as bus delays, showing the degree of delay, e.g., “on time,” “5 to 15 minutes,” or even “not reporting.” It indicates a ranking of system performance and comparison to other agency systems. As EastBanc states, “TRANSITiQ uses a combination of smartphone-based GPS, IoT, and cloud technology to provide a 360-degree dashboard view of individual vehicles and DDOT’s overall fleet.”

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