American Red Cross Modernized Infrastructure to Prepare for Growth

As part of the world’s largest humanitarian network, American Red Cross transformed from pen-and-paper system to a cloud-based solution to collect payment and manage blood donation.

The Challenge

Before working with EastBanc Technologies, the American Red Cross call center agents answered phone calls and used pen and paper to record donation amounts. The old-fashioned monolithic solution was difficult to maintain and extend.

Our Approach

The EastBanc Technologies team designed and implemented 20 independent, containerized microservices and a data migration process to migrate all the legacy data to the new system and prepared the Red Cross for the future.

The Results

The modern architecture dramatically improved system scalability, failover, maintainability, and extensibility and transformed a monolithic payment and blood donation system into a scalable cloud-based solution. Now the payment system can accept credit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal, significantly reducing failed transactions, streamlining internal operations, and increasing the accuracy of donor information.