Citizens demand convenience. Rather than work within the confines of your agency’s office hours and distant locations, they want access to services on the go.

With iSee Benefits, your agency can mobilize routine citizen transactions such as the benefits process and state assistance programs. If a mobile app is on your project list, iSee Benefits can help.

Based on the iSee platform, iSee Benefits lets your constituents securely access and act upon their individual benefits in real-time via any mobile device or platform.

One-Step Benefits Management

Citizens can apply for, determine eligibility, and review case status from any mobile device.

Push Notifications

Automatic alerts notify users when action is needed, such as benefit renewal.

24x7 Access, Even Offline

Patchy connection? No problem. iSee caches and updates each mobile device providing up-to-the-minute benefit information.

Seamless Integration

iSee seamlessly integrates with on premise systems, data, and workflows.

End-to-End Case Management

User generated inputs and changes are automatically synched with your system for quick review by caseworkers.


Robust app and data security features with central governance and straightforward user controls.