Transforming Snow Removal Operations

Real-Time Dispatching and Monitoring of Scalable Snow Removal Fleets

Award Winning Application

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Today’s unpredictable winter weather demands a rapid response from busy municipalities. It’s critical for fleets to scale quickly, whether internally or through contractors, and optimize snow removal operations, reducing idle time and saving money.
When communities experience ice and snow, agencies and residents need to know which routes have been treated and cleared, which ones are next on the schedule, and when it’s safe to travel again. Managing snowplows “on-demand” is important, so too is keeping tabs on individual contributions to road clearing activities. SNOWiQ makes it all possible.

Before SNOWiQ

After SNOWiQ

A 360-Degree Operational Picture

SNOWiQ is a cloud-based snowplow management and reporting platform for agencies, drivers, and the public. The solution removes the unknowns of snow removal efforts based on the realities of what’s happening on the ground. With SNOWiQ, operation managers:
  • Gain a comprehensive operational picture
  • View real-time progress
  • Interact with citizens via 311 system integration
  • Reduce uncertainty and set accurate expectations about community services with an optional public-facing portal. Residents will no longer have to wonder, “When will my street be cleared?”
Supervisors responsible for snowplows management:
  • Track resource deployment, driver availability, individual plowing progress and more, in real-time within one app
  • Have a fast feedback loop with drivers on the road
  • Receive feedback from citizens via integration with 311 systems
  • Equip drivers with smartphone or tablet-based self-service tools, making it easy and convenient for them to set their schedules, share availability, and receive real-time changes or assignments.

How it works

The power of SNOWiQ lies in its simplicity. Using a combination of smart device-based GPS and the power of cloud technology, SNOWiQ provides a real-time view of snow removal operations.
Unlike other offerings, SNOWiQ is an all-in-one mobile application that combines internal reporting needs with the convenience of a public dashboard — including vehicle tracking, business intelligence, and communication.
There’s no costly hardware management or investments.
We’ve eliminated the need for expensive GPS equipment and satellite tracking fees so that your agency can keep its finger on the pulse of fleet movements more efficiently.

Features and Benefits

For Snow Removal Managers/Supervisors
For Snowplow Operators
For the Public

For Snow Removal Managers/Supervisors

SNOWiQ’s easy-to-use application and web-based portal facilitates the paperless distribution and control of assignments during critical times, allowing you to:
  • Visualize your contractor fleet in real-time via an intuitive dashboard, from county-wide fleet activity down to individual neighborhoods.
  • Prioritize fleet movements with agility and precision. Dynamically dispatch, redeploy, or add drivers from within the app.
  • Enforce quality control and approve cleared routes
  • Improve performance, time management, and customer service levels
  • Integrate with agency systems, including GI5, 311 systems, and identity
  • Get real-time footage of the road through drivers’ smartphone camera
Using the analytics from the app, agencies also get unprecedented visibility into the efficacy of individual snow-clearing crews and can use that data to make informed decisions about renewing contracts in future years to ensure the best use of taxpayer dollars.

For Snowplow Operators

  • Advertise their availability to work and lock-down assignments with supervisors
  • Receive real-time notification of route assignments
  • Review assigned routes on a map-based interface
  • Navigation to and throughout assignments
  • Confirm and track work completed
  • Streamline teamwork with other drivers on the same route

For the Public you Serve

SNOWiQ’s easy-to-use application and web-based portal facilitates the paperless distribution and control of assignments during critical times, allowing you to:
  • Get web and app-based insight into the hard and fast facts about when streets will be plowed
  • Find out when their neighborhood will be cleared
  • Get weather updates and snow removal statistics
Built on TERRAiQ, SNOWiQ is a robust, expandable platform that integrates with your existing systems and can be customized to your agency’s specific needs.