Case Studies

Stock Exchange Giant Consolidates Interfaces of Global Security Markets

Providing a Unified Interface for All Stakeholders

One of the world's largest stock exchanges and a leading technology, trading, and intelligence providers to capital markets needed to consolidate the interfaces of their global security markets.

The Problem

Despite its conglomerate status, owning and working with dozens of other stock exchanges around the globe, the various user interfaces were fragmented and hard to manage. Instead of a unified interface reflecting a global, digital trading leader, the exchange’s stakeholders experienced a more traditional, manual stock exchange. 

The Solution

EastBanc Technologies and the exchange’s business and technology teams set out to create a single unified and personalized interface for all stakeholders (e.g. institutional investors, retail investors, listed companies, and regulators). This translated into the creation of software products based on their proprietary data feeds and systems allowing for additional revenue streams that differentiate the stock exchange today from its former self and its current competitors. Moreover, EastBanc Technologies recommended and was tasked with refreshing their entire portal portfolio.

Prior to implementation, EastBanc Technologies created mockups, prototypes, and sandbox environments of different portal frameworks. That way, business stakeholders could tangibly see the benefits and disadvantages of each of the possible solutions, and make an informed decision before moving the chosen solution into high throughput engineering.

The Result

The stock exchange now presents a modern interface to its various stakeholders across the world. All sites are managed and run in a distributed way by one unified, lightweight modern system.