Senior Java Developer

Washington, DC
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Role Description

EastBanc Technologies is looking to expand our team of experienced Sr. Java Developers and Tech Leads. We specialize in AWS, Azure and Google cloud technologies, as well as Java back-end systems development, API development, web, progressive web apps (PWA), mobile web, android, and iOS mobile applications development, and open-source software.

While helping our customers to implement and deploy mission-critical systems across multiple projects ranging from a-few-months-with timelines ranging from a few months to a few years, long to multi-year, we provide our employees with plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Qualified developers will:

  • Know backend (such as Spring 5.x family, Spring Cloud, Swagger, JPA 2.x / jOOQ, RabbitMQ / ActiveMQ), and frontend development frameworks (such as React or Angular)
  • Build and development tools (e.g. Idea, Gradle, Jenkins, SonarQube), test frameworks (JUnit 5.x, Mockito) and DevOps and automation tools (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes), cloud-scale data solutions (Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Redis, MemCache).
  • Will be ready to work within interchangeable agile, test driven teams.
  • Have an understanding of Reactive programming RxJava / Reactive Streams is a plus.

Qualified technical/team leads and architects will:

  • Be ready to design and develop software applications on all levels – networking, hardware, virtualization, OS, application, frontend, API, protocols.
  • Be expected to have a familiarity with different programming paradigms and understand other aspects of software development, such as configuration management and quality assurance.

Master’s or BS degree in computer science, mathematics, or related discipline. Preference will be given to those familiar with cloud technologies (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure) and FOSS products.

If you’re a savvy Java developer interested in working with the latest technologies in a wide range of interesting projects, please submit your resume today!

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