A platform-agnostic, full-lifecycle software product development firm, EastBanc Technologies delivers flexible technology solutions that adapt to ever-changing market demands. Because today’s perfect solution may not meet tomorrow’s needs, we build future-proof, modular architectures enabling software to keep pace with your evolving business needs.
Our Clients
With an innovation-as-a-service mindset, we strive to be your partner today leading into tomorrow. Here’s an example: While many of our clients aren’t yet pursuing AI, we know they will in the near future. That’s why all our solutions are AI compatible by default. By anticipating future demands, EastBanc Technologies creates future-ready solutions.
At the Frontier of Technology
Working at the leading edge of technology since 1999, our team will help you transition into the digital age. Whether migrating your applications to containers, developing AI algorithms on the edge, or integrating legacy systems with new cloud-native applications through comprehensive APIs – we’ve done it all!
Our team thrives on tackling the toughest technology challenges while offering full-lifecycle software product development services. From DevOps to AI, our team of full-stack engineers, data scientists, and architects will work closely with your team to develop a custom solution that’s right for you. More about our services…
Because we’ve found ourselves solving several common friction points over and over again in client work, we took our best practices and breakthroughs and bundled them into products. More about our products…
Our Startups