iSee 360°

Mobilize case workers, keep foster parents informed or help prepare foster youth for adulthood
The iSee 360° Mobile Foster Care Suite includes three distinct mobile applications tailored to specific needs and offering unique features: iSee Caseworkers, iSee Foster Parents, iSee Independent Living.

With 360° Mobile Foster Care caseworkers, foster parents and older youth have access to the information they need in a centralized, convenient mobile app, on any device.

With 24x7 access to cases and people plus critical systems in the field, agencies and programs can increase effectiveness, efficiency and emergency response.

Our 360° Mobile Foster Care solutions integrate and feed seamlessly into existing on-premise systems to draw on relevant and timely data from multiple sources (databases, CRM and disparate workflows), while ensuring sensitive information is kept secure.



Streamline the availability of critical case information through secure, mobilized self-service tools – all in real-time. Caseworkers make important, life-changing decisions each day. To support these decisions, they need to quickly access and input relevant data as they move from appointment to appointment with children, families and other stakeholders. iSee Caseworkers provides secure access to case management systems (CMS) and statewide automated child welfare information systems (SACWIS or CCWIS) in real-time, from any mobile device.

iSee Foster Parents

Provide 24/7 access to child and case worker information through a secure, mobile app. iSee Foster Parents provides foster parents with secure, fingertip access to critical information about the children in their care – right from their mobile device.

iSee Independent Living

iSee Independent Living is an easy-to-use app that connects transitioning and former foster youth to a lifeline of tools, resources and support – from any mobile device.

How does it work?

Using an API, iSee Caseworkers draws on data from your SACWIS, CCWIS or CMS to provide secure access to up-to-the-minute data from any device or platform (Android and iOS). iSee Caseworkers also supports data entry in the field and instant synchronization with your CMS and other sources, including medical, law enforcement and school records.
With EastBanc Technologies, your agency can customize iSee Caseworkers. Add features and tailor the app to match your exact specifications. When it’s time to expand services or provide other mobile apps, we can once again build upon the foundation of our iSee 360° Mobile Foster Care Suite.