Reliable, Secure Kubernetes for Your Enterprise
Kublr is an enterprise-grade and production-ready Kubernetes and container management platform, which simplifies working with Kubernetes by allowing you to centrally deploy, run and manage Kubernetes clusters across all of your environments.

A turnkey solution for your enterprise requirements, Kublr delivers the comprehensive, flexible tools that ensure you deploy enterprise-class Kubernetes clusters from Day One.

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Easy setup

A turnkey Kubernetes-management solution for your enterprise requirements, Kublr allows you to easily deploy Kubernetes clusters and centrally manage clusters across the enterprise.

Customize clusters

Conveniently deploy and manage clusters through the UI and customize for advanced use cases — virtually any cluster parameter is configurable. Or automate via the API or command line.

Easy app deployment & management

Easily deploy, run, and manage apps with preconfigured Helm and other standard Kubernetes tools, such as Spinnaker, Flux and Kubeapps.

Centralized cluster visibility

Kublr provides centralized visibility into your clusters by default. All tools needed to gain insight into cluster health are automatically deployed and visualized via pre-built dashboards.
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