Sympli is a DesignOps platform that streamlines collaboration and handoff for design teams. The suite includes Sympli Versions – a version control tool for Sketch, created to help design teams working on the same design file – and Sympli Handoff – a design collaboration and handoff tool that works with Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD & Adobe Photoshop.

Sympli Handoff

A set of tools for automated handoff of designs, specs, style guides and assets from designers to developers and stakeholders.

Sympli Versions

A version control system for Sketch. Forget about folders full of copies with elaborate naming conventions – Sympli Versions remembers all copies and commits, and can merge or revert changes when needed.
Perfect integration with these tools

“Sympli has significantly improved our coordination around designs, enabling designers, product managers, and engineers to work together much more seemlessly. It allows our engineers to build confidently to specifications, and allows our design team to easily share out their vision. It’s a vital part of our product development workflow!”

Tom Wilson

Principal Engineer

Blue Apron