API World

Sep, 13 2016 12:00 AM

San José, CA

Api World Panelist

Are you ready for the new API Economy? Join this year’s API World Conference to exchange knowledge and ideas, and network with the developer community of API providers and consumers.

And don’t miss our panel on API Management—what an exciting topic!

Integrating API Management Into your Business Strategy

Tuesday, September 13, San José, CA

Whether it’s requesting rides, finding a rental for your next vacation, or improving public transportation, today’s app economy is transforming the business landscape. It creates an environment for exponential success for those who know how to harness the power of their data, content, and/or logic to derive revenue. Open, scalable, and managed Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the key ingredient for that to happen. Driven by the explosion of consumer devices, APIs are now powering much of what we do on the web, via mobile devices, and are driving the rise of the Internet of Things.

During this panel discussion you’ll hear from organizations who took the step of publishing open, scalable, and managed APIs to their own engineering departments, external partners or customers, and developer-friendly channels, enabling a "popularization" of services in the areas and exposing themselves to unlimited opportunities to derive new revenue, reach new audiences, or/and realize greater innovation.

These organizations will share how APIs are reinventing the way they do business. Some key points that will be discussed include:

  • When APIs expose powerful data from legacy systems it can be reused in hundreds of apps, providing virtually "free" sales and marketing for products and services.
  • How the technology is creating new markets and more of a connection with current customers, suppliers, and partners.
  • How opening (and properly managing) APIs and sharing that data with external developers, organizations will have more time to focus on their core business, while gaining promotion from external developers and their services.


Ernest Chrappah, Acting Director, Department of For-Hire Vehicles

Robert Duffner, Enterprise Cloud Evangelist, ServiceNow

Frank Mollerop, CEO, Questback

Wolf Ruzicka, Chairman, EastBanc Technologies