SnowIQ - snowplow fleet management - updates and redesign

Redesign and functionality updates for a snowplow fleet management system and app.

About the Project

SnowIQ is a part of TerraIQ, an intelligence platform that uses real-time mobile tracking to power vehicles and asset management, that focuses on snow management. This project started 3 years ago, and this year we decided to improve its visual consistency and usability by creating a design system and aligning the design with TerraIQ solution. We also used the opportunity to develop and enhance some of the product features our client requested.

Project Goals

The main goal of the project was to have the same look and feel across different SnowIQ applications.

We also wanted to implement the following features:

  • Messaging, Video and Audio communication between applications
  • Having more than one Active Phase
  • Being able to edit Assignments and edit Committed Routes on Phase Management
  • Improved navigation
  • Added the new Road Conditions page
  • Improved features in Resource Management as Release and Shift Handover and check-in for Supervisor app
  • Notifications feature for Supervisor and Driver app and added the Phases and routes page to Supervisor app
  • Check-In Profile for Driver’s app
  • Improve Truck Management page for the Portal

Project Goals description

Design system

New design system unified elements like fonts, colors, grid system, iconography, buttons, input fields, and much more. It helped to make the product consistent. And it will speed up the design of future features.

Messaging, Video and Audio communication between applications

As communication is the key in every team work, we wanted to improve and simplify the way our users communicate with each other using the app. To make it happen, we added video and audio calls, including conference calls and chat.

Having more than one Active Phase

Show plowing is a process that consists of multiple phases. We used to allow on the application only one phase at the time, but we discovered that reality is different - especially during the storm event.

We adjusted it in the product and now managing multiple active phases is possible.

Editing Assignments and Routes

To give our users more flexibility we improved the edit functionality. Now managers can add or remove Committed Routes and edit Assignments for each of them before the Phase begins.

Improved navigation

We made the most significant changes to how we present information to the user. We recognized that users have two separate flows and designed for both of them, organizing relevant information for each flow around it. The final product now has the Active Event part, with Active Storms Ops and Reports, and an Administration part with all the event and user management pages, making it easier to users to operate the app within their context.

Simplified and updated Supervisor's flow

Based on our users feedback, we improved the usability of Supervisor application. We simplified the way they release a driver, handover the shift and perform check-ins. All from a fast and intuitive segmented control.

Added new Road Conditions page

To improve the information flow and facilitate storm event planning, we gave our users a possibility to share information about Road Conditions. Now they can share weather-related data like Road and Air Temperature, Precipitation Type and Quantity.

Drivers profile and check in update

We improved the way drivers perform a check-in and manage their personal data in the application. We also used the GPS technology to determine their location.

Notifications for Supervisor and Driver app.

We added notifications to deliver essential updates about routes and phases to users faster.

Improved Truck Management page for the Portal

We created a Truck Profile to display more information about the trucks. Now contractors can easily manage and monitor their trucks.

Project Resume

SnowIQ became a polished and visually consistent product that is clear and easy to use. The improved productivity and communication followed, making the end goal - preparing for the snow storm events smooth and efficient.