Earth Networks Unlocks Opportunities with a Multi-Cloud Strategy

Prior to working with EastBanc Technologies, Earth Networks developed a dozen weather data software products, with each application using its own user management system. In order to get the most out of their app portfolio, they needed to break down the data silos and unify user and subscription information to improve UX (user experience) and unlock cross-sales opportunities. Earth Networks was looking for a solution to increase profitability and enhance the user experience for its API-based weather feed.


After carefully analyzing Earth Network’s infrastructure, architectural vision, and business needs, we were able to use a fully agnostic approach. We delivered a multi-cloud strategy, which supplemented their existing AWS architecture with a variety of Azure services to ensure their API programs reached their full potential. This enabled Earth Networks to leverage both cloud platforms for optimal use, resulting in financial gains, and improved functionalities, such as integration with Azure API management. The resulting solution included:


  • Single sign-on identity and access management solution.
  • Custom subscription page for product cross-sell.
  • Integration of PayPal and SalesForce.
  • Improved administrative interface.
  • Augmented developer experience.


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