TerraIQ Inspections

Streamline inspection of housing and construction projects
TerraIQ Inspections makes it easy for municipalities to to dispatch and track inspectors. The solution maximizes resource management, minimizes response time for emergency inspections and provides more efficient scheduling. It also enables local government to easily scale to meet shifting demand.


Key components

Tablet-native application for inspectors, providing GPS tracking and task management.

Back-end middleware, orchestrating events coming from external systems.

Web portal for agency supervisors.

Flexibility & scalability

Train citizen inspectors to perform inspections on behalf of the government.

Activate the contractors to join municipal forces when demand peaks.

On-demand matching of inspectors with high priority inspections.

Improved customer experience

Automated complaint processing and inspection scheduling.

Quick and transparent inspection and permit-issuance process, including real-time updates.

Automated scheduling, providing more predictable service times.