Speed, scalability and convenience for snow removal operations
Unpredictable weather demands a rapid and flexible response from busy municipalities. SnowIQ takes snow removal operation to a higher level of scalability and transparency – clearing the way to rapid, flexible and effective response when wintry weather strikes. With SnowIQ, municipalities can handle changing demand and easily scale snow-clearing efforts without having to invest in specialized hardware and radios.


For Operation Managers

Gain a comprehensive operational picture.

View real-time progress.

Interact with citizens via 311 system integration.

Reduce uncertainty and set accurate expectations about community services with an optional public-facing portal.

For Supervisors

Dispatch snowplows and track their deployment.

Have a fast feedback loop with drivers on the road.

Receive feedback from citizens via integration with 311 systems.

For Drivers

Equip drivers with smartphone or tablet-based self-service tools, making it easy and convenient for them to set their schedules and share availability.

Receive real-time changes or assignments.