AI-powered public transportation
TransitIQ is a modular mobile and business intelligence SaaS solution for public transportation.

The platform optimizes scheduling, tracks vehicle movement, minimizes vehicle bunching and increases rider satisfaction. Fueled by the AI-driven “Transit Brain,” TransitIQ optimizes the system based on past, current and predicted events and automatically scales to handle peak traffic times.


Arrival predictions

Translates vehicle positions into arrival predictions in real time.

Exposes predictions through our API and industry-standard real-time feeds.

Schedule optimization & performance tracking

Analyzes historical data and suggests modifications to schedule to increase on-time performance.

Tracks and analyzes real-time performance and historical trends and instantly warns you of anything irregular.

Bunching prevention

Automatically detects and reports bunching.

Provides interactive playback, enabling agencies to prevent future issues.

White-label mobile app for riders

Review transit options, plan trips and track vehicle positions and arrival times in real time.

Receive service alerts and location-based push notifications.

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