Providing a Better Public
Transportation Experience

TRANSITiQ is a powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution based on mobile and business intelligence platforms, that enables transit agencies to take charge of operations while providing their customers with a better transportation experience.
The platform keeps a finger on the pulse of vehicle movements, minimizes bus bunching, achieves greater rider satisfaction, and improves adoption of public transit services.
TRANSITiQ provides “one source of truth” about your fleet of vehicles, down to specific bus or train routes. The solution delivers the tools you need to provide a reliable public transportation experience.

TRANSITiQ—A Comprehensive Modular Solution

Whether you’re looking to supplement your existing investments or building a fleet tracking system from the ground-up—pick and choose the components that meet your needs, and our powerful platform will do the rest. Individual components include:

Powered by the cloud, TRANSITiQ automatically scales to handle peak traffic times and a surge in position reports—without interruption or delay.

End User Mobile Apps—

Through a native cross-platform mobile app, citizens can view real-time bus positions as well as arrival predictions. Support for bus, rail, and even bikes ensures they have a clear view of all available travel options including predicted travel time. It allows users to explore bus stops and rail stations around them, search stops, routes or landmarks, and plan upcoming trips. Service alerts and location-based push notification ensure citizens are kept in the loop. Integration with Bluetooth Beacons enables visually impaired users to safely navigate the transportation system.
Our white label mobile app for iOS and Android can be customized to reflect the look and feel of your agency. Further customization to fulfill more specific needs of your transit system is also possible.

Business Intelligence—

At the core of TRANSITiQ is a powerful data processing and report generating module that takes you inside the performance of your fleet. Use this ever-growing set of pre-built statistical visualization tools to gain a better perspective on system performance, anomaly detection, trends, and goal measurement. The analysis drills across all modes of transportation (buses, heavy or light rail, streetcars, ferries, water taxis, etc.).

Arrival Time Predictions—

TRANSITiQ translates bus positions into arrival time predictions for your customers. Continuously learning, it provides you with the best possible predictions which are exposed through our API and standard real-time feeds (e.g. GTFS-RT) for third parties and traffic data aggregators.

Smartphone-Based Reporting with GPS—

Whether you wish to use your agency’s GPS devices or our smartphone-based system, TRANSITiQ provides you with a quickly deployable and easy-to-use solution for collecting vehicles data. The GPS can act as a stand-alone smart phone app, or TRANSITiQ can collect data from devices already deployed in your vehicles, extending the return on your investment in existing hardware.

Interactive Public Displays and Trip Planning Kiosks—

Improve customer outreach by utilizing our applications for making transit system positional data available via large map-based screens. Touch-based interfaces provide trip planning options at the touch of a finger.