Transform your snow removal operations

Unpredictable weather demands a rapid and flexible response from busy municipalities. Fleets must be able to scale quickly, whether internally or through contractors, to optimize snow removal operations, reduce idle time and save money. With SNOWiQ, municipalities can handle changing demand and easily scale snow-clearing efforts without having to invest in specialized hardware and radios.

SNOWiQ takes snow removal operation to a higher level of scalability and transparency – clearing the way to rapid, flexible and effective response when wintry weather strikes.

Built on TERRAiQ, SNOWiQ is a robust, expandable platform that integrates with your existing systems and can be customized to your agency's specific needs.

SNOWiQ enables municipalities to :

A 360-degree operational picture

SNOWiQ is a cloud-based snowplow dispatch and reporting platform for agencies, drivers and the public they serve.

The power of SNOWiQ lies in its simplicity. Using a combination of smart device-based GPS and cloud technology, SNOWiQ provides a 360-degree view of individual vehicles and the overall snow removal fleet, using cloud computing and consumer-grade mobile devices.

Our innovation does not stop there. We have eliminated the need for expensive GPS equipment and satellite tracking fees so that agencies can keep a finger on the pulse of fleet movements more efficiently, without costly overhead.

With SNOWiQ :


Supervisors gain an unprecedented operational picture of vehicle deployment, driver availability, plowing progress and more — in real time.


A public-facing portal and mobile app means agencies can set accurate expectations about community services so that residents will know when their streets will be cleared.


Drivers are provided with self-service tools, making it easy and convenient for them to share availability and receive real-time assignments — via a mobile device.


Operation managers interact with citizens via 311 system integration.


Supervisors have a fast feedback loop with drivers on the road.


Equipped with smartphone- or tablet-based self-service tools, drivers can easily set their schedules, share availability and receive real-time updates.

How SNOWiQ benefits stakeholders :

The powerful SNOWiQ platform eliminates the chaos that often hampers snow removal and salting efforts. It offers clear benefits to fleet managers and supervisors, snowplow operators and members of the public who need access to snow-free streets and roads.

Fleet managers & supervisors

SNOWiQ's easy-to-use application and web-based portal facilitate paperless distribution and control of assignments, enabling fleet managers and supervisors to:

  • Visualize contractor fleets in real time via an intuitive dashboard, from county-wide fleet activity to individual neighborhoods.
  • Prioritize fleet movements with agility and precision. Dynamically dispatch, redeploy or add drivers, from within the app.
  • Enforce quality control and approve cleared routes.
  • Improve performance, time management and customer service levels.
  • Integrate with agency systems, including GIS, 311 systems and SSO.
  • Obtain real-time footage of the road through drivers’ smartphone camera.

Using the analytics from the app, agencies also get unprecedented visibility into the efficacy of individual snow-clearing crews and can use that data to make informed decisions about renewing contracts in future years to ensure the best use of taxpayer dollars.

Snowplow operators

SNOWiQ empowers municipal and contractor drivers with tools that take the guesswork out of snow removal efforts — all from a simple smartphone app. Specifically, SNOWiQ enables snowplow operators to:

  • Advertise their availability to work and lock down assignments with supervisors.
  • Receive real-time notification of route assignments.
  • Easily navigate to and throughout assignments.
  • Review assigned routes on a map-based interface.
  • Confirm and track work completed.
  • Streamline teamwork with other drivers on the same route.

Members of the public

SNOWiQ includes an optional public portal, which provides residents and businesses with much-needed transparency. Where activated, the portal enables members of the public to:

Visualize contractor fleets in real time via an intuitive dashboard, from county-wide fleet activity to individual neighborhoods.

Learn more about how SNOWiQ adds speed, scalability and convenience to snow removal operations.