How Technology is Transforming Snow Removal Operations

Real-time monitoring of your contracted fleet

Fleet management is a challenging business. This is particularly true of snow removal services where the dynamics on the ground can change fast and the pressures to perform put fleet supervisors and contract labor to the test – in the toughest of conditions.

Join experts from EastBanc Technologies and Microsoft as we explore how technology (much of which you already own) can address many of these challenges and bring game-changing efficiencies to the management of critical snow removal services.

We’ll also demo SNOWiQ, just one example of the great tools available to fleet managers that empower them to:

  • Gain a 360-degree operational view into their entire snow removal fleet
  • Prioritize fleet movements with agility and precision
  • Assign work, track plow deployment, driver availability, progress, and more, in real-time
  • Enforce quality control and approve cleared routes
  • Improve performance and customer service levels