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Apr 6, 2022 | by Romain Cauchois, Guest Contributor

Introduction To Blockchain

One “new” technology that has stuck is Blockchain. To understand what Blockchain is, you only need to know three things. What is a block? What is a chain? What is a ledger?

Mar 29, 2022 | by Rory Jordan, Guest Contributor

These Technologies Are Helping Bridge the Digital Divide

Modern technology brings the world closer together, but millions of people continue to be left behind. The "digital divide" is multifaceted and impacts society in a variety of ways. These are some of the technologies that are helping bridge the gap.

Mar 11, 2022 | by Business Reporter

How To Maximize Your AI Investment

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be found almost everywhere in modern life. Learn key lessons and best practices that help companies avoid common AI pitfalls and achieve ROI from their AI systems.

Feb 23, 2022 | by Mikkel Schultz & Victor Shilo

Zero-Knowledge Proof: Protecting Your Personal Information Without Sacrificing Open Data 

Open Data fuels today's digital economy, enables communication and innovation, boosts business and generally makes our lives easier. But how do we protect privacy if everything is open? Zero-knowledge proof could be the answer.

Feb 8, 2022 | by Nadia Hammond, guest contributor

How Blockchain Technology Enhances Modern Cybersecurity Systems

Blockchain capabilities, including fully-automated data storage and transparency, make it an essential technology for cybersecurity. In this article, we look at some of its use cases.

Jan 10, 2022 | by Jennifer Page, Guest Contributor

14 Ways to Maximize Your DevOps

DevOps built-in flexibility allows development teams to work at a level that suits their resources and skills without being held back by departmental barriers.

Nov 23, 2021 | by Mikkel Schultz & Peter Shashkin

Data Science: The Smart Technology You Don’t See

Data-driven software touches our lives every day. Sometimes, it is in ways you see, such as when you check your Twitter feed, pay for your bus ticket or order your latte using your phone.

Nov 23, 2021 | by Mikkel Schultz & Wolf Ruzicka

The Three Levels of Artificial Intelligence - We've Only Just Begun

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the capability of a machine or piece of software to display human-like intelligence – permeates our daily lives, often in ways we do not notice.