ISM 2016 Recognition Awards

Sep 19, 2016

The ISM 2016 Recognition Awards for Excellence in Human Services Information Technology awarded DC Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) with the 2nd place in the ISM 2016 Innovation in Service Delivery award.

In their mission to protect child victims at risk of abuse and neglect, caseworkers and foster parents make important, life-changing decisions each day. To support these decisions, caseworkers must be able to quickly access and input relevant data as they move from appointment to appointment, meeting with children, families, and other stakeholders. Similarly, foster parents need to easily share information with caseworkers in real-time. Keeping good tabs on data is key for any human services organization that wants to be successful.

With these challenges in mind, CFSA approached us to develop a custom, secure solution that fit their needs. The result: mFACES and Foster DC Kids, two first of their kind mobile applications that allow caseworkers and foster parents to act upon data in real-time and address immediate issues before they escalate.

We are honored to have been a partner in creating innovative solutions that empower families and caseworkers.