EastBanc Technologies Announces AI-Powered Business Intelligence Platform for Public Transportation, TransitIQ, Achieves 91 Percent Accuracy for Predicting Arrival Times

Jun 22, 2022

WASHINGTON, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – EastBanc Technologies, a leader in custom software development, today announced that its AI-powered business intelligence platform for public transportation, TransitIQ, has achieved 91 percent accuracy in predicting the arrival times of vehicles across 18K bus routes, making more than 400M arrival predictions daily. In addition, the company launched a new version of the platform using a Kubernetes-based cloud architecture that provides even greater flexibility, customization and scale for customers to modernize and optimize their public transportation services.

“More than 7.8M people in the U.S. commute using public transit, making it one of the most critical transportation networks in the country,” said Peter Shashkin, Director of Solutions, EastBanc Technologies. “TransitIQ makes it easy to modernize existing public transportation systems and increase their reliability and flexibility to support real-time needs as well as the longer-term evolution of city infrastructure. Our customers deliver an unprecedented level of reliability and service, which has increased ridership and overall satisfaction with public transportation in their communities.”

“Transit Brain” Predictive Analytics Delivers Unparalleled Transit System Accuracy

TransitIQ is a business intelligence solution that uses GPS and cloud technology to provide a 360-degree view of public transit fleet performance. The SaaS solution addresses common challenges in public transit, notably the ability to share reliable, real-time arrival information and schedule updates with riders. The platform is powered by EastBanc Technologies' cloud-based TerraIQ IoT platform and features a “Transit Brain” that can make autonomous decisions regarding when and how to optimize the system based on past, current and predicted events. Today, the Transit Brain is 91 percent accurate in predicting vehicle arrival times, and the system is automatically learning as it continues to analyze more data.

For example, TransitIQ enables Houston’s public transit authority, METRO, to utilize real-time data collection and analysis to alleviate bus “bunching,” when vehicles arrive at stops in groups leaving gaps in the schedule and riders frustrated. The system can analyze data to identify efficiency gains possible for the entire system as well as for specific routes or vehicles. The resulting optimization supports a positive rider experience while also improving transit coverage and minimizing inefficiencies to reduce costs.

New Kubernetes-Based Architecture Enhances Platform Flexibility, Customization, Scalability

Complementing TransitIQ’s reliability milestone, a new version of the platform featuring a Kubernetes-based cloud-native architecture has been rolled out to customers. The new architecture helps increase platform responsiveness and adds more flexibility and efficiency so customers can manage their fleets easily across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Key platform features include:

Learn more about the TransitIQ platform capabilities and latest milestones, here.