EastBanc Technologies Launches Technical Due Diligence Service to Inform Digital Transformation Strategy and Investment Decisions

Nov 15, 2022

WASHINGTON, November 15, 2022 – EastBanc Technologies, a leader in custom software development, today announced Technical Due Diligence, an end-to-end technical assessment of infrastructure, products, operations and security practices that empowers business leaders to make informed decisions about their technology strategy and investments. The new standalone service supports CEOs and CIOs as a critical first step to evaluate costs and ROI prior to a strategic investment, acquisition, merger, product launch or digital transformation initiative.

“Today, both the CEO and CIO are closely involved in defining technology strategy and we are equipping them with a much-needed tool so they can effectively align their priorities,” Victor Shilo, Chief Technology Officer, EastBanc Technologies, said. “Our highly technical team is renowned for detecting issues that others miss and identifying novel approaches to seize opportunities. We offer third-party validation that provides business leaders foresight to avoid wasting time and resources. It’s the clear, actionable insight companies need as they manage growing IT budgets alongside pressure to accelerate value from their digital transformation investments.”

Discovery for Today’s Digital Transformation Needs 

EastBanc Technologies’ Technical Due Diligence is rooted in the company’s 20-year track record of successful custom software architecture development and innovation, and provides a technology “blueprint” illustrating options and expected costs to achieve customers’ specific business objectives. Unlike traditional due diligence or discovery, the EastBanc Technologies team of world-class engineers and evaluators begins each assessment with a thorough review of code, architecture patterns and maintenance, development processes and technical debt, scalability, extensibility and security features and practices. The resulting insights support key initiatives, including: 

Optimize Infrastructure to Accelerate Value from Digital Transformation Initiatives

Business leaders increased their spending on digital initiatives during the pandemic, with many reporting a 65-percent increase in budgets since 20201, and are now grappling with how to drive more impact from those investments. Technical Due Diligence provides a roadmap that helps customers identify which legacy systems to retire and when, how to streamline inefficiencies across cloud and on-premise services and how to redesign infrastructure to enable greater cross-functional collaboration, among other measures to save money and drive growth. 

“Our transformation will be driven by acquisitions, however, we will not be able to truly transform digitally until we unify our infrastructure. EastBanc Technology’s Technical Due Diligence process brought me along the journey and made clear how to integrate our sizable operations, how best to invest in our cloud strategy and how to optimize our existing company strengths to propel us as a digital business beyond our current market,” Klaus-Anders Nysteen, CEO, Kredinor, said.

Develop New Products and Services

Technical Due Diligence also supports teams as they build new products and services from concept to development. Outputs for customers include an overview of the proposed solution’s architecture design and technology stack, the creation of a minimal viable product (MVP) and an outline of potential integrations and related requirements. The technical assessment is used to test the offering’s value proposition and use cases as well as identify gaps in functionality or security vulnerabilities, among other factors prior to launch. 


Validate Market Valuations and Venture Capital and M&A Opportunities

In addition, in just the past six months, customers have utilized Technical Due Diligence to inform more than $10M in capital transactions including startups seeking funding, private equity firms assessing investments and enterprises evaluating mergers and acquisitions. In these instances, the in-depth technical review is used to assess the market valuation and maturity of an acquisition target. Customers receive a detailed analysis illustrating current and potential technology issues or weaknesses, and highlighting strengths and growth opportunities. 

“We always evaluate investment opportunities from both a technical and financial perspective. Technical Due Diligence has enabled me to review an acquisition target’s product sophistication and fit within our portfolio, to negotiate the company’s valuation based on current strengths and weaknesses and ultimately make informed, data-backed investment decisions,” Audun Stuland, CEO, Tivian, said.

With teams strategically located in Washington, DC; Lisbon, Portugal and Herceg Novi, Montenegro, EastBanc Technologies employs the industry’s most innovative engineers specializing in custom software architecture development that increases customer agility, efficiency and competitiveness. The global team is available to provide onsite collaboration with customers for a successful and thorough technical evaluation, and can augment customers’ internal resources to help deliver on the recommendations of a Technical Due Diligence assessment. 

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About EastBanc Technologies

Founded in 1999, EastBanc Technologies is a Washington, D.C.-based software development pioneer. The company creates cutting-edge technology solutions for customers worldwide in the commercial, enterprise and federal, state and local government sectors. Subsidiary brands include Sympli, which is a suite of design collaboration and handoff tools; and Kublr, which is an enterprise-grade Kubernetes management platform. EastBanc Technologies also created APIphany, an API management company that was acquired by Microsoft and integrated into Microsoft Azure in 2013. 


In 2022, EastBanc Technologies was recognized as No. 38 on Fast Company’s list of the 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators. Clients include Comcast, Facebook, Intelsat, Microsoft, NASDAQ, Netflix and The Washington Post. For more information, visit and follow the latest updates on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

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