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Dec 9, 2016 | by Wolf Ruzicka

Create Hundreds of Mobile Apps… Without Building a Single One.

Apps. Sensors. They’re everywhere. Your phone, your car, your TV, even your refrigerator

Dec 5, 2016 | by Natalia Tsymbalenko

A 4-Step Methodology for Achieving the Right Cloud Strategy

In an increasingly commoditized market, learn how to cut through the noise and forge a cloud strategy that meets your needs

Dec 4, 2016 | by Peter Shashkin

How Technology is Transforming Snow Removal Operations

Fleet management is a challenging business. This is particularly true of snow removal services where the dynamics on the ground can change fast and the pressures to perform put fleet supervisors to the test – in the toughest of conditions.

Nov 15, 2016 | by Vladimir Bychkov

Tracking Contractor Snow Plowing Activity Made Easy with a Mobile App

Long before the first flakes fall from the sky many municipalities begin to prepare for the cold, icy, and snowy conditions that inevitably lie ahead.

Nov 8, 2016

Affordable data insights? Get your head in the cloud.

Fun fact: in 2014, cloud services were already a $45 billion business worldwide, and are expected to grow to $95 billion by 2017. Will you be part of that equation?

Oct 12, 2016 | by Slava Koltovich, Oleg Chunikhin

4 Ways Your Organization Can Unlock the Possibilities of Big Data

Future-ready predictive analysis infrastructures hold the key to gaining insights from data today, and into tomorrow.

Oct 12, 2016 | by Natalia Tsymbalenko

UX Design and You: How Agile Team Can Help Simplify Your Interface

Simple is good. Simple is clean. And whether I’m cooking or planning a trip, simple is always better, right? So why do so many companies make user experience (UX) so complex?

Sep 21, 2016 | by Peter Shashkin

More Than Play: Five Ways Virtual Reality is Growing Up

Immersive and exciting, Virtual Reality is already part of our lives, whether it’s a plot device in a new sci-fi thriller or the best way to enjoy the latest video games or thrill rides.