AI On the Edge

May 30, 2019 | by The EastBanc Technologies Team

Presentation at Data Summit, Boston, MA

May 2019

With edge computing becoming a thing, AI on-the-edge is quickly following suit. It unlocks a whole new world of possibilities, including predicting customer needs before they even know them. But edge AI seems like it’s only a game for the most cutting-edge companies like Apple, Amazon, or Tesla, to name a few. Traditional enterprises aren’t really embracing it out of fear it may cost too much or due to uncertainty about the potential ROI. To tap into this opportunity, organizations don’t need to choose a risky “all in” approach; a small iterative approach reduces the risk while ensuring your edge AI projects aligns with your overall business strategy. Join this session to learn how to apply a Minimal Viable Prediction (MVP) approach to your next edge AI project.


Wolf Ruzicka | Chairman of EastBanc Technologies

Polina Reshetova | Data Scientist at EastBanc Technologies