Culture is Everything

Dec 10, 2021 | by EastBanc Technologies

Maintaining a dynamic and vibrant organizational corporate culture has never been more important or challenging. EastBanc Technologies CEO Philippe Lanier sat down with the host of the Prism of Value podcast to talk about his approach and philosophy managing EastBanc Technologies and global real estate, lifestyle, and retail company, EastBanc (Philippe is an EastBanc Principal) in the time of COVID while laying the foundation for a successful future. Between the two companies, both of which were founded by his father, Anthony, Philippe oversees the daily activities of some 600 employees across three continents. In this episode, Philippe discusses communication and culture in the family-run companies, how the people he works with shape the EastBanc brands and values, and shares some key advice for someone starting a company or moving into a leadership role. Philippe also addresses the challenges of navigating the companies through the long-running pandemic.

Check out what Philippe had to say: