How Open APIs Lead to Better, Safer Ride-Sharing

Jun 21, 2017 | by Wolf Ruzicka

The benefits of integrating API management into your business strategy are evident, but the process is easier said than done. An organization’s goals for the project are often vague. Perhaps they want to realize more revenue or reach new audiences. Such a large investment of time and resources warrants more definably articulated goals. Without that laser focus, you have nothing to measure or track progress against.

Another important factor for API success is user adoption. You can theorize as much as you want about the market opportunity for your API, but only actual usage data will help you better understand your user’s needs and help you craft an API strategy that is clearly aligned with those needs.

This session will discuss how using a simple and trusted approach can help you diligently determine the value of your API project as well as its addressable market. The audience will gain insight into four phases enterprises must go through in order to determine the value of their API project, including:

Phase 1: Pilot—Get to Know Your Users

Phase 2: Define your Open API Model

Phase 3: Configure the API Management Platform

Phase 4: Integrate

This session will answer questions regarding opening APIs to third party developers, such as: