AI digital transformation of Agriculture

May 13, 2024 | by EastBanc Technologies

Agriculture is one of the oldest practices created by people and one of the essential industries on the planet. From the first agricultural revolution from around 10,000 BC to today, it’s been both transforming our lives and adapting to them in so many ways that it’s certain that the current AI boom will not pass through without changing it once more. We have a lot of opportunities for modernization in agriculture, from resource management and sustainability to pricing and logistics, so let’s look at what is ahead and how much effort from people in the industry it might take.

Welcome to the AI-Driven Innovation series, an exploration of how the current wave of innovation in AI, ML, and other crucial technologies like IoT will shape the future of every industry worldwide. This article marks the beginning of our journey, focusing specifically on the potential of AI-driven innovations in the agriculture industry.

Low-hanging fruits or relatively easy AI solutions for Agriculture

Low-effort solutions, the first level of AI-driven innovations we’ll explore, seamlessly integrate with existing processes, offering immediate benefits at a lower cost. These solutions, such as out-of-the-box livestock monitoring systems and agriculture-tuned weather prediction apps, provide decision support for farmers, enhance the marketability of produce, and improve overall farming efficiency. They represent the first step towards a more technologically advanced and efficient agriculture industry.

Medium Effort AI Innovations

Medium-effort solutions are AI-driven technologies that significantly transform processes, optimize farming operations, increase crop yields, and reduce environmental impact. They involve the integration of AI with IoT devices, drones, and smart farming technologies to gather and process big data, analyze it for the best course of action, and even initiate required actions. Examples include intelligent crop planning, smart farming, and farmgate-to-fork solutions. Altogether, this level of innovation requires new devices, modern telecommunication equipment, tech solutions, and becoming much more “digital” in every way. These transformative innovations are poised to reshape the landscape of agriculture, and you can be a part of this exciting journey.

High Effort AI Innovations

High-effort solutions are the ones that either disrupt the whole problem-method-solution triad or require a high level of collaboration between different entities. They involve extensive research and collaboration between various stakeholders, including academic institutions, government organizations, and technology innovators. Examples of this include precision farming - an approach that uses advanced management information systems, IoT devices, sensors, satellite images, and weather tracking to optimize water and fertilizer use, reduce waste, increase agricultural productivity, and make food more nutritious. Precision farming requires copious amounts of data collected from different entities, shared, and analyzed to produce recommendations, predictions, and anomaly detection that can affect agriculture much more than ever before.

In conclusion, the future of agriculture holds an array of exciting possibilities, with AI-driven innovations at the forefront. These advancements, which range from low to high-effort solutions, have the potential to revolutionize farming practices and address critical issues related to resource management and sustainability. As we continue integrating AI technologies into agriculture, we expect significant efficiency, productivity, and environmental impact improvements. Our work in this field will undoubtedly shape the future of food production, contributing to a more sustainable and resource-efficient world.